Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Unique Identification (UID) for Indian Citizens

Indian Citizens may soon get a single Smart Card containing a Unique Identification (UID) that will be linked to documents like the Voter's ID, Passport, Driving Licence etc. The key benefit will be that when you produce the UID, all details that are required for verification while transacting with government and private agencies, will be accessible in one shot. A side benefit is that, say, if you changed your residential address, you will not need to liaise with different agencies to get your various documents modified/updated. One change in the UID and all official records will reflect this change.

Looks like happy days are 'round the corner. If this one becomes a hit, living in India may never be the same again! Read this post for more.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Young Leader Shows The 'Way'

I got an SMS from my local Pastor this morning that one of our young pastors' mother is no more. Today is a Friday and my colleagues must be awaiting my "Happy Friday" mail. I don't feel like putting my fingers to the keyboard for this mail, so will not send that mailer this week.

The one who created her took her back. I had never met her personally, though I might have seen her at church. But God blessed her in that she bore a son who has grown up to be a brilliant young man of God. I am sure God will take him places and through him, will comfort millions of souls who need His healing touch. In fact, while his mom was in hospital, he not only prayed for her, but also visited and prayed for other patients in the hospital. They were amazed and asked him "Pastor, your own mom is so sick and you still care to pray for us, who you even don't know?" It takes the courage and strength that only God can give, to pray for others too, when your own loved ones are sick. If India had such leaders in politics too, wouldn't life be different in this country in which St. Thomas became a martyr for the Gospel's sake?

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Personalised Health Care from Amway - Is It True?

I recently got to learn that Amway are coming with a unique personalised health care programme, where you are prescribed (and sold, of course!) health products based on your genetic traits. It sort of works like this...
You allow Amway to collect your blood sample. DNA tests are performed and they figure out which genetic diseases your parents had/have and which ones you are likely to get and in approximately how many years! Accordingly, they chalk out a preventative health care programme for you. Like all progrrammes, of course, whether or not to follow it through is up to the person himself/herself! But I wanted to know if this news is true.
Also, if it is true, is it in line with God's plan? Should we interfere with our natural way of life? Think about it and leave your comments.